Flying Lesson # 2 – Straight and Level and Turning

January 22, 2012

Feeling slightly more comfortable after having completed my first official lesson, I walked into Gil Layt’s Flying School at Archerfield pumped for lesson number 2. As Steve was fully booked, Robert would be taking this lesson for me. Robert is a younger instructor with a George McFly hairstyle and he explains things quickly, but accurately. All of my preparation and study certainly helped with understanding what he was talking about.

Robert took me through the what we would be learning in this lesson – straight and level flight, different rates of climb, when they areΒ to be used and what effect they have as well as turning. I found this lesson very interesting and learned a lot. After about an hour of this, we proceeded out to the airfield.

Again, we took VH-JOO. She seems to have taken a shine to me and has looked after me thus far – I hope I can continue to fly her up to GFPT. Robert allowed me to do all of the rudder and throttle work for taxiing, etc. which was really cool. After take-off, we again headed out to the training area just west of Stradbroke Island. Robert allowed me to fly at all times other than when he needed to teach me something new. I learned how to climb and turn and the different rates of climb needed. He suggested I have a good feeling for the pitch, roll and yaw of the aircraft (which may have been helped by playing flight simulators). I flew the aircraft for the final approach into Archerfield and Robert took over just before landing.

Another great lesson down; heaps to revise and study up on before next time.

Next Lesson – Descending and Turning. Can’t Wait! πŸ™‚

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