Training Area Solo (with passenger)

January 31, 2016

Now that I am back in the air again, I need to smash a couple of solo navs and then do my test before I can get in to my commercial training. For those playing along at home, comment if you can remember what my plans are for my commercial training.

Whilst gathering funds for said solo navs, I’m flying at least once a month to keep my skills up, as well as lots of home sim time. As I’m still restricted to the local area for small flights, for these ‘keep my skills up’ flights, I’ll be heading out to either the eastern training area (over the water) or down to the southern training area (Jimboomba direction).

Today was one such flight.

I gave the old man a few days’ notice that he was coming along for the ride (it didn’t take much to twist his arm). He hasn’t been up in a C172 yet so it should be luxury compared to the C150 that he’s flown in with me before. On the day of the flight, we headed out to Archerfield, signed out the plane and headed out to say hello to VH-TKJ. I did a quick (see thorough) pre-flight check before jumping on board and getting me and my passenger set up.

Being a good PIC, I briefed my passenger on emergency procedures and what to expect during the flight as there was a fair bit of cloud around and I expected the trip to be a little bumpy. I decided to go out to the Southern Training area because the forecast winds over the coast didn’t look to nice for a flight with a non-pilot passenger.

After receiving clearance, we taxied out, completed the run-ups and then taxied out on to the runway. Lining up on 28R, I checked one more time that my dad was all good and with an excited nod, I applied full throttle and started the take-off roll. After take-off, I made a smooth left turn to take up a track of 138° and, after clearing the inbound track through Park Ridge, I took us out over Jimboomba and started the on-board commentary (me). My tour of Brisbane and it’s surrounds involved pointed out what the different mountains were, what suburbs or localities we were flying over and other various landmarks.

It’s funny, for me, we were just doing large figure 8’s around the training area but for my passenger it was like we were flying a trip of a thousand miles. It’s great to take people up for flights because it’s really easy to lose sight of just how amazing flight really is. The look on their face when the plane effortlessly lifts off the ground is just priceless.

After 40 minutes of flight, I advised that we would start our approach back to Archerfield. Dad couldn’t believe that 40 minutes could go so quickly (I guess that means he was having fun). On the way back, I pointed out the reporting points and the things I look for to help me navigate back to Archerfield. After gaining clearance, we entered the Archerfield control area and I set her down on Runway 28R. The landing wasn’t ideal, a little balloon but I got her down smoothly in the end, taxied off the runway and returned to base.

I can’t wait for our next flight, I’m sure this is just one of many flights I’ll take with the old man as my passenger.

Who’s coming up next?

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