Selfie or Safety?

June 16, 2014

It started with posing in front of a mirror and has turned into a worldwide epidemic. It seems no other industry has taken to the selfie craze more than Aviation. I guess it is hard to find a job or hobby with better views, but has it gone too far? Are we risking safety in the pursuit of the ultimate selfie.

Instagram is probably the largest platform for displaying selfies and the allure of Instafame for providingaudiences with extreme aviation selfies sees pilots take what I consider to be risks at the expense of themselves and passengers. Of course, most are harmless, I mean who amongst us hasn’t posted the odd mid-air selfie. A lot of the images are faked as well, though the images that I consider ‘too far’ are those taken at critical stages of flight or those that could cause damage to the aircraft should things go a rye i.e lining up on a runway or holding a pole out the window during flight.

This is the photo that made me cringe a little. If it is faked, then all credit to the creator, though if it’s real, I tell you what, I’d hate to be a passenger in that aircraft.

Selfie or Safety Image

What are your thoughts on pilots taking selfies? I’m sure it’s frowned upon, though should this be something that employers or regulators investigate and take action on?

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