My Time in the QANTAS Club

August 29, 2014

As a first timer in the Qantas Club, I’ll admit, walking in was a little intimidating! Will my complimentary pass work? Will they ask me questions? Nope. ‘Come on through, sir. Enjoy your stay’. Suddenly the airport wasn’t chaotic or rushed, it was calm and serene. The sound of screaming kids was replaced with the slight crumple of folding newspapers, the burble of barista-made coffee and the subtle clink of plates at the buffet. ‘Act like you belong’, I told myself. Channel your inner high flyer. The key to fitting in is to not ask, just expect and don’t lookexcited or surprised when you receive.

After a quick trip to the exquisitely set bathroom, I headed to the bar. Feeling like a wedding crasher trying to rort the bar tab, I really wanted nothing more than a rum and coke. Sticking with the philosophy of fitting in, I didn’t ask what was available, I simply said ‘a rum and coke, no ice please’. I’ve gotta tell you, I felt a little like James Bond when the bar man slid the drink across the bar on a QANTAS branded napkin.

Next I decided to sample some of the food. I wasn’t overly impressed with the simple sandwich buffet, though I put that down to being there at an awkward time between lunch and afternoon tea. Setting myself up in a little posse near the window, I enjoyed a drink while getting a little blogging work done on my new MacBook. I loved the lightning fast free Wi-Fi and the flight updates on my computer were a nice touch.

Looking around, I couldn’t help but notice the standouts; those who shouldn’t be there. Granted, they probably own an oil rig, but still, the thongs and stubbies make them stand out. Business is definitely the common theme, though I’d love to know what some of these people do to be afforded these luxuries. Especially those with three kids, all in the lounge. The more rums I consumed, the more I felt like I was one of them, all the while knowing I would soon return to my normal economy lifestyle. Still, for an hour and a half, I experienced how the other half live and I loved every moment of it. Sign me up!

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