MyGoFlight Flight Bag PLC Pro

February 3, 2016
MyGoFlight Flight Bag PLC Pro
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The flight bag is as old as flight itself. Ever since man first slipped the surly bonds, he needed a way to transport items from logbooks through to maps, charts and headsets. Backpacks, briefcases and headset bags do an ok job but specialty flight bags do it much better. As with everything aviation, flight bags do come at a premium price, though if you select correctly, the bag can be with you for life.


Since starting my training, I have always used a Jeppesen Aviator Bag; to start with it was well beyond my requirements since all I really needed with me in the air was a headset and a kneeboard. As my training progressed, however, so did my arsenal of aviation gear. Soon my once oversized bag became too small for my video gear, charts, transceiver, licence, logbook and headsets. It was then that I realised not only does a bag need to be big enough, it needs to hold your gear in an organized fashion for easy access during flight. This is when I first came across the MyGoFlight PLC Pro Flight Bag.

The MyGoFlight PLC Pro Flight Bag has 3 large compartments; front, middle and rear, as well as a quick access pocket on the top, 2 side compartments and a sneaky back pocket. The bag it’s self is water resistent and carries the MyGoFlight badge on the front. The front stitching forms the shape of an aircraft to give it a nice aviation feel whether your flying your Cessna or on a family holiday. The large front compartment has lots of handy pockets inside to carry everything from your phone through to credit cards and torches. The middle compartment is large enough to fit 2 headsets in their own bags and has a second pocket to carry larger items like radios or GPS units. It also has further pockets inside to hold additional items, one of which is a see through mesh pocket. The rear pocket opens all the way to the bottom and whilst thin can hold items like a laptop or iPad in a separate rear padded opening making it easy to access on the run or at airport security. It also has 3 rectangle shaped mesh pockets. One of which is appears to be for a phone or small handheld GPS unit.

On the back of the bag is a pull out name card, 2 small thin pockets and the word ‘MYGOFLIGHT’. The bag comes with straps which can be attached to the rear of the bag to turn it in to a back pack. There is also a sturdy carry handle on the top of the bag.

The Road Test

Where do I start with this bag? It’s a little overwhelming how many pockets are in this bag. And that is probably my first compliment and criticism also. If you were to fill every pocket, you would either forget where you put things or you wouldn’t be able to close it. The ridiculous amount of pockets is also a positive however as you are able to organize this bag in any way you choose.

Let’s start with the exterior and work our way inside. The outside of the bag is quite attractive. It has a very water resistant feel about it and looks like luxurious whilst making sure everyone knows you’re a pilot (let’s face it, that’s important!). Empty, it’s height and width are quite petite and would put it in the mid-size bag category. All zippers are chrome and black with the word ‘MYGOFLIGHT’ in them which I think adds to the luxurious feel of the bag, as does the MyGoFlight metal logo on the front. The handle on the top is very well constructed. To be honest, it’s probably the best piece of engineering I’ve ever seen on a bag. Basically, it’s a stainless steel cable attached with metal fixings, covered in a see through plastic sleeve which itself is protected by a hard plastic sheath. Why have I spent so much time on the zippers and handle, well, this is the first part to break on most aviation bags. You won’t have that problem with this bag.

Around the bag, there are various elastic straps to hold items like torches, maybe? To be honest, they are probably superfluous extras that won’t ever be used. The bag comes with straps and the bag itself has fixings on the back and top to allow you to either use it as a backpack or shoulder bag. My preference is to just hold it using the Sherman tank-like handle on the top.

Moving inside now, the front opening is fully padded and has small pockets to hold things like cards, keys, torches, phones etc. It would be good if the pocket opened up a little more but it is good as a quick access pocket and is great for organizing your pens and pencils. I also used this pocket for pre-flight items; check lists, rags, torch, fuel tester etc.

On top of the front pocket is a small zippered opening that I’m not sure really serves a purpose, or at least I haven’t found one for it yet. It’s very padded but it is quite hard to access. Especially once the bag is full of headsets etc.

The middle main pocket suffers the same fate as the front pocket with limited access because the zips don’t go down far enough. For me, this pocket was large enough to fit one headset in its bag, a couple of charts and my recording gear (thought only just). The rear pocket is my favorite. This one opens all the way up and although only thin, fits a lot of stuff in it. The iPad (or Macbook Air even) fits nicely in the back, is well protected and is really easy to get to. I also used this pocket for my logbook and extra charts etc.

The bag also has side pockets that are about the right size to fit your wallet. I also used these pockets for my phone as I found them easier to access then the top padded zip.


This is one well thought out and constructed bag. It has everything you could ever need in a bag and makes organization a breeze. As discussed in the review, to start with I saw the maze of pockets a negative but after using, they quickly become a big positive. Once you have it all sorted out, you’ll always know exactly where all you gear is as you can assign a pocket to everything you own.

The bag itself could be a bit bigger. It is a bit petite, even for a mid-sized bag. The front and middle pockets could also do with a little more zipper real estate. They just don’t open up wide enough to make good use of all the pockets. That can’t be said for the rear opening though, which impressed me to no end.

All up, this remains the best aviation bag I have used to date. It looks good, feels strong and fits everything nicely. If you’re in the market for a solid mid-sized bag, look no further. You’ll pay a little more, but I promise you won’t be disappointed. I now use this bag whenever I fly.

I give it 4.5 stars.

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1. Looks great 2. Very well constructed 3. 3 large pockets 4. Lots of compartments for all your gear


1. A little bit too small 2. Zips can be a bit hard to open 3. Front and middle pockets don't open wide enough 4. Top pocket is hard to use with bag full

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