Flying Lesson # 3 – Descending and Turning

February 4, 2012

This lesson was supposed to be a week earlier, though due to weather events in Brisbane (pouring rain), the lesson was cancelled. I still went out to Archerfield on the day and we got a good couple of hours of theory out of the way. We went through descending and turning. It’s something that I had already been doing (approach to runway etc) but we went through the correct way of descending and turning . After that theory lesson, I had to wait nearly a week for the actual lesson.

On the day of the lesson, I turned up a little early and had to wait while Robert finished with someone else’s lesson. When finished, he went through quickly what we would be doing, then we signed out a plane and headed out to the airfield. The plane that we took this time was VH-UGF, still a C150M just in a different colour and with few internal differences. UGF has a newish propeller, which it turns out, makes quite a difference in performance.

We carried out the normal checks and taxied out to the run up bay. We parked behind a bigger twin engine plane, the wash from the propellers knocked us around a little. After run up checks were complete, we taxied out and took off. We headed straight out to the training area to practice some descending and turning. We ascended to just under 3000 feet where Robert demonstrated a powered descent and a gliding (power off) descent. He let me try them and I found it quite easy to hit all the required figures straight away. After a few practices, we moved on to turning. This is the first manoeuvre that I have struggled with. Basically when turning, you have to apply a small amount of rudder to enter the turn. For some reason, my feet didn’t want to play the game and my rudder input was always late and heavy. Robert seemed happy that he finally found something that I couldn’t do well.

We didn’t spend too much time on that, and Robert wasn’t too concerned as he said I’ll have heaps of opportunity to practice during circuits. We headed back to Archerfield. Robert is starting to show me reporting points etc in preparation for circuit training which, all going well, should commence next weekend.

I’ve got my next lesson tomorrow (Sunday). We’ll be going through stalls which should be fun. I’ve been looking forward to it for a while.

I’ll check back in after tomorrows lesson and let you know how I went (if I spewed or not).

Next Lesson – Stalls!

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