Flying Lesson # 16 – Circuits with Cross-wind Landings

May 6, 2012

Unfortunately nothing exciting to report! No solo this week either. On another note however, my spectator numbers grew exponentially this week; a special mention to Aunty Lynne, Uncle Dawson and Uncle Greg for travelling great distances to watch my flying.06:30am, Sunday 6th May 2012: ‘Archerfield AWS Aerodrome Weather’ (07 3239 8720) states: Wind – CALM! Even my instructor has never heard the word ‘calm’ used before.

08:15am, Sunday 6th May 2012: ‘Archerfield Aerodrome Terminal Information Service’ (120.9) states: Wind – 230 degrees magnetic 8 knots.

Damn! A cross-wind! After completing all the checks and heading up into the blue stuff, the plane confirmed what the windsock was indicating. No Solo!

My cross-wind landings are getting a lot better so I’m not overly fussed about getting in these extra practice sessions. Solo is taking a lot longer than I originally expected however I’m much more the wiser for it. While the family watched on, I completed circuit after circuit practising those damn cross-wind landings. Each one a little better than the last! I’m quietly confident that I might get to go solo this weekend, though I won’t be disappointed if I don’t.
Once I finally go solo, the blog entries will start to get a lot more fun and beefier as I start my journey toward GFPT (General Flight Progress Test). This is the first real licence (in reality – a licence to learn). Between now and then however, I have to complete my first Solo Circuit, my first area solo and a bunch of tests. This should all happen pretty quickly as GFPT is usually completed somewhere before 40 hours and I’m already at 16 hours. After the first solo circuit is completed, we then move on to fun stuff like steep turns and unusual attitudes, side slipping and forced landings, advanced take-off and landing techniques, navigation and instrument flight. Can’t wait!

On a lighter note, last week I spoke with a rep from Sennheiser about getting a headset to review on consignment. He was more than happy to do that and sent a brand new Sennheiser S1 Digital Headset (rrp: $1300) to me. I’ll be wearing this headset while flying for the next couple of weeks to get some footage of it and take notes on performance etc before conducting an online review for the website.

A few days later, I spoke with a rep from Bose. He is coming up from Sydney on Monday to give me a brand new Bose A20 Headset (rrp: $1400) and discuss the website and how we can work together. Bose and Sennheiser are the industry leaders in Aviation Headsets and it is certainly an honour to have the opportunity to work with them. Exciting times!

I’ll update you on how it all goes.

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