Flying Lesson # 9 – Circuit Training

March 11, 2012

At last! I can land a plane!

The day started out like all the other circuit training lessons. Checks, radio calls and taxiing.

Robert advised that at this point I should be aiming for 70% good landings. The first circuit of the day was good and was looking promising. Though I was carrying a little too much energy and pulled back a little too much which resulted in a slight ballooning followed by a harder than normal touch down. The next 8 landings were great! Good approach, rear wheels down followed by a smooth touch down of the nose wheel. The last was pretty much the same as the first. So 8 out of 10. Not bad I thought.

Robert seemed happy with my circuit progress. I just need to work on using a little more rudder to coordinate my turns and to stay straight during landings. I don’t know why, but me and the rudder pedals just don’t seem to get along. Practice makes perfect I guess.

As I got the 70% in the circuit, we went to the classroom after the lesson to discuss what we would be covering in the next lesson. Flapless landings!

Flapless landings are basically the same as a standard landing, except we won’t be lowering the flaps. Flaps do two things, they increase lift but they also increase drag. We usually rely on the drag component during landings to help slow us and lower the stall speed of the aircraft. All that means is that on the final approach, I’ll just need to set up the aircraft to help allow for the lack of drag. I’m really looking forward to that lesson.

I’ll go through the use of flaps a lot more in my next post (after the lesson). At the moment, I’m just over the moon that the landings have finally fallen into place. Now I just need to practice like crazy to prepare for my first solo.

Next Lesson – Circuits with Flapless Landings.

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