Flying Lesson # 6 – Circuit Training

February 18, 2012

In the circuit again today! This is what most of my lessons will consist of between now and my first solo flight.

Today my regular instructor Robert was on a day off so I had Steve (the instructor that I had for my first lesson). The teaching styles between the two are quite different and it can be hard chopping and changing, especially when learning circuits, so I found.

As we are just completing circuit after circuit, there is no longer a need for the 1 hour of theory beforehand. Basically, when I get to the flying school, we head straight out and get started. Robert is giving me more and more responsibility as we go along. I now take care of the external checks, pre and post start checks, run up checks, taxiing and take off.

This lesson didn’t start off well. A stuffed up radio call at the start of the lesson turned in to a thrashing from the ATC (Air Traffic Control). After the radio call fiasco, I lost a lot of my confidence and kept making stupid mistakes.

I’m quite confident with take offs and completing most of the circuit. It’s the approach and landing that is still doing my head in. As I’m not used to Steve’s teaching style, and he was not really sure off where I was at, it made for a difficult lesson. I think especially during landing practise, it is vital to stick with the one instructor. Robert’s style is a more laid-back gentle approach whereas Steve is a lot more firm. Both are great in different ways.

My landings didn’t get any better for the duration of the lesson as I think I was flustered by this point and I walked away feeling very deflated. My confidence is shot for the moment. Hopefully this will be restored next lesson.

Next Lesson – More circuits!

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