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CloudAhoy Flight Tracking App

Years gone by, flight debriefs were conducted in a small room using notes collected by either the pilot themselves or their instructor during flight and generally only the horrible parts were recorded and spoken about as these were the ‘areas for improvement’. Let’s skip…

April 19, 2016

HLP T1-Timer

Accurate time keeping is a vital part of a pilot’s training at all stages, though sometimes simply knowing the time isn’t enough. Having the ability to measure time elapsed sometimes becomes just as important. Now, to meet this need, most watches come equipped with…

December 7, 2014

Olympus VN-711PC Voice Recorder

It can be difficult to choose the best solution for recording in cockpit audio. Personally I record my flights more for educational and reflective purposes than to go on YouTube, however, I would still like clear audio when playing it back. To record video…

July 22, 2014