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CloudAhoy Flight Tracking App

Years gone by, flight debriefs were conducted in a small room using notes collected by either the pilot themselves or their instructor during flight and generally only the horrible parts were recorded and spoken about as these were the ‘areas for improvement’. Let’s skip…

April 19, 2016

MyGoFlight Flight Bag PLC Pro

The flight bag is as old as flight itself. Ever since man first slipped the surly bonds, he needed a way to transport items from logbooks through to maps, charts and headsets. Backpacks, briefcases and headset bags do an ok job but specialty flight…

February 3, 2016

MyGoFlight iPad Kneeboard Folio C

With the constant onslaught of technological advancements in the cockpit, one item that has become a common staple is the iPad. Kneeboards were invented to hold your documents in flight, similarly, the need arose for a way to display and protect your iPad. Linking…

March 31, 2015

Pooleys FB4 Flight Board

Finding the perfect kneeboard is like trying to get the perfect haircut. It just doesn’t happen! Every pilot has different needs and expectations for a kneeboard and it is understandably hard to design one to suit everyone. Whilst there are many aviation kneeboard variants…

July 23, 2014