Aftermath of the closures

April 20, 2016

Airline Academy

With all that is happening lately with the Royal Queensland Aero Club and its affiliate the Airline Academy of Australia, I start to wonder if heading to a large flying school i.e. Basair, is the right option. I’m convinced that the fulltime VET FEE HELP pathway is the best way for me to achieve my CPL in a timely manner, though it does make you question what would you do if they up and left one day – like we have seen only a few weeks ago at Archerfield.

I think the thing that I’ve learnt the most from seeing AAA go down the shoot recently is the importance of keeping your logbook up to date. It’s funny, my logbook was a long way out of date so as soon as I heard about AAA, I marched straight into my flying school and got everything up to date and signed off. You’ve got to think, if it can happen to a large flying school, it can certainly happen to a small school.

The other issue that I see happening now, especially at Archerfield is a flooding of schools such as Basair. There will be a lot of students (most concerning being International students) displaced and looking for a new service provider, of which, the clear choice is Basair (so that they don’t have to travel to the Gold Coast). My question is, for people like me (little people), will there be spaces available and will this change the quality of instruction. You have to think, with so much money up for grabs, surely the flying schools will be looking to cash in as much as possible.

These might or might not be valid concerns, but since I’m looking at starting fairly soon, it’s certainly something that is on my mind. Let me know your thoughts on the topic. It would be great to hear from someone attending one of these schools, especially someone effected by the closures. Leave a comment below.

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