Student Pilot Journey began a few years. I was about to start my flying training and realised there was very little information available. And the biggest problem is that no one was willing to share information or experiences that weren’t diluted or sugar coated.

My name is Chris Jack. I grew up in Ipswich, just west of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. Flying was something I dreamt of from a very early age but with money being the biggest restriction, it wasn’t until I was 26 that I decided to take the plunge and start flying.

To be fair, I started researching the whole flying training thing about 2 years before my first flight. In my travels, the one thing I realised is that there is very little information out there for pilots in Australia. The information that is available is either outdated or too brief to be useful.

I located and followed a podcast run by a fellow by the name of Greg Summers. I have to credit both the idea and name of my site to Greg. He runs www.studentpilotjournal.com which tracked his flight training, lesson by lesson. I found this to be the most useful tool available at that time and I soon decided to start an Aussie chapter, of sorts.

Student Pilot Journey now exists as a way for me to accurately share my experiences and advice with the greater aviation community. Whether it’s someone just starting their research or a pilot simply wanting to reminisce, if you find this site entertaining or helpful, then it has flown its mission.

When looking through the site, it’s best to have a read through all of resources first to see if any are of assistance to your situation. And then start reading the blogs, making sure you start from the beginning.

This site is constantly evolving and I always welcome feedback or suggestions. Use the contact page to drop me a line and make sure you check back regularly for new content. The easiest way to stay up to date is to follow Student Pilot Journey on TwitterFacebook, YouTube, Google Plus and Instagram or subscribe to my feed.

If you email me, I’ll always endeavor to respond and I’ll never spam you. I promise!

I hope this information reaches you well and that I someday cross your path.

Fly safe,

Chris Jack